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Comercial Diving Company "Dubina Ing Ltd." is founded in 2001. in Split. The company is specialized in the performance of commercial diving contractors and for underwater examinations of ships and off shore buildings, diving techniques and ROV technology.

With previous work we are possible a leading professional diving contractor works in the area of the Adriatic sea. Our intensive investment in equipment and training, from its foundation until today, resulting in the fact that "Dubina" Ltd. a recognizable diving company in Croatia.

For us, specific features and risks of our activities represent a challenge, and to each work we assignment thrue maximum professional and thorough. That were recognized by many of our customers and business associates for which we have performed a series of delicate diving tasks.

Experience, technical infrastructure and expert human resources, quality of performance, compliance with deadlines and regulations are the terms of our business. Systematic investment in the development of new technologies is ensuring our new business opportunities. Therefore, we offer our customers efficient and innovative solutions, according to the example of best diving companies.


Hull Condition Inspections

This important function can be undertaken through the use of either ROV’s (Remote Observation Vehcile) which is a diverless operation OR through the deployment of qualified divers with hand-held video and still-camera.  Both methods of observation can be relayed to the surface in real time on closed circuit TV monitors.

Propeller Polishing and repairs

Dubina Engenering use the Scotchbrite 3M system with propeller polish pads in grain 3 and 5 to achieve a high quality mirror like finish (where propeller casting allows). Before and after photos of our underwater polishing service are always provided. Our clients consistently advise us after service of the immediate recognisable fuel savings as a result of our underwater propeller service.

Underwater surveys

Dubina Engenering provide high quality ROV inspection services to offshore oil and gas, pipelines, overseas communication cables, ships, anchor and chain recovery, throughout Adriatic sea.