Ship Maintenance

Shipping Repairs and Maintenance
Underwater ship repair and maintenance dubina marine diving company, was founded in Split, Croatia in 2001. The company, serving both the shipping and offshore industry, has grown to become one of the leading Croatian companies providing a comprehensive range of underwater maintenance and repair services. Dubina specializes in cutting edge, underwater repair and maintenance technology and solutions that are performed in-situ resulting in ship owners often finding drydocking is not necessary so time, trouble and expense are saved. Dubina Engenering underwater services cover all types of repair including highly technical repairs or replacements such as thrusters, propellers, rudders, stern tube seals, and damaged or corroded hulls.

Our underwater services are extensive:

– Hull Condition Inspections
This important function can be undertaken through the use of either ROV’s (Remote Observation Vehcile) which is a diverless operation OR through the deployment of qualified divers with hand-held video and still-camera. Both methods of observation can be relayed to the surface in real time on closed circuit TV monitors.

– Sea chest maintenance
This critical underwater intake area requires constant care and upkeep to ensure a free flow of sea water. Dubina Engenering has significant experience in cleaning, maintenance and repairs of this area.

– Hull Thickness Gauging
Using state of the art technology through the TRITEX NDT gauging instrument, Dubina Engenering is able to establish the thickness of various metals under the surface of the water, i.e. ships hulls, submerged pipe lines etc.

– Under water doubler-plate (patch) and crack repairs
Dubina Engenering offers the choice of either under-water wet welding or sandwich doubler-plate dependant upon the specific jobs requirements. Dubina Engenering underwater team consist of qualified Divers with specialist skills and knowledge in under-water welding and fabrication.

– Emergency Mobile Dive Crew
Dubina Engenering have developed a compact, light-weight response unit for underwater deployment in Adriatic sea which can be mobilised at short notice.

– Propeller Polishing and repairs
See separate category on web site.

– Rope Guard repairs
Dubina Engenering can repair existing or replace unserviceable guards through the deployment of underwater divers with welding equipment or other solutions as required.

– Ships anchor and main chain location and/or recovery
Dubina Engenering can locate lost anchor and chain from commercial shipping and assist in recovery through the use of diving operations or ROV.